Retail Growth Associates is a consulting firm that provides buisness brokerage and general business consulting services.  Our slogan is Win, Win, Win.  We expect our Client, the Buyer (or other associated parties) and Retail Growth Associates to all win.  We expect this to occur in that order.  


Retail Growth Associates is owned by Mike Feinman.  He is the President and has participated in many major acquisitions, participating in selling millions of dollars worth of both small and medium size businesses. We are based in Austin and we primarily cover Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Waco, and Houston markets. We specialize in all businesses throughout Texas, including restaurants, manufacturing, general retail, machine shops, automotive shops, service industries, equipment companies and distribution companies from $200,000 to 25 million.

Mike has significant business experience in many industries from retail to services. He has held positions at all levels of management and in many different sizes of companies.   Mike has successful

experience in many industries in cross functional and general management roles.


Mike’s successes include:

• Won the President’s Award and the Chairman’s  Awards at Pepsico.

• Change Agent, leading transformational strategies at Taco Bell and Bally Total Fitness.

• Record sales results at Samuels Jewelers, Inc. with over 11% growth.

• Top operating division 2 years running at 24 Hour Fitness, developed 2

successful new concepts, and prepared one for a spin out and franchising.

• Track record of saving millions in costs while driving up sales.

• Complete Taco Bell Training System redesign ($8 Million Company and 500,000 trainees annually) and record training store performance (350 Storess) driving reduced turnover for the company.

 • Doubled EBITDA in the 4th quarter in first year at Gold’s.

• Traditional & Social Media Visibility– drove Friends and Fans for 107 unit chain to

over 250,000 and doubled eCommerce sales.